Saturday, March 11, 2006

SAT Errors Raise New Qualms About Testing

Hello ! Thank you for all people. Eh... First time I reach the knowdlege of English skill, the subject is new completly, but I don't know what is the difference from them, TIOEC, SAT, GMAT and TOEFL ! I am very stupid.

Huhuhuhu ... this morning wakes up with many new things, there is some more people in the street, much more noise in the coffee bar and .... but it seem to be bypass the communications of business-young-man. I think so,.. they are always talking about something to sell and buy, the old man are rarely drink some wines, girls always kiss the money that thay have, the children wish the bread for lunch so they go by knees around the table of King-Man.... Sai Gon ....