Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SharePoint 2013 recommendations

SharePoint 2013 recommendations

SharePoint 2010 had been improved a lot of things that SharePoint 2007 could not be done as well. However, the collaboration for now is not an important thing that needs to be cared as the top of feature. But the social, sharing and publishing are the most important. Almost people transfer from other system to SharePoint step by step and there are so many reasons to convert to SharePoint.

Until now, SharePoint 2010 still had exposed the social weakness and that is the main reason to leave SharePoint and continue using very old system, especially is open source system.

I hope that SharePoint 2013 (Office 15) will improve the following things:

  • Improve the social for discussion board plus. Take it easy to post a comment, reply or any response on Discussion list.
  • Add more event receiver for SharePoint Object Model, especially when I restore all items from recyle bin. In recently, no event receiver catch the handling for that, it's really difficult to check, or do something when they are restored.
  • Still hard to handle the large list and forest sites in site collection. The performance still is so bad or even not responded.