Friday, July 22, 2011

Resolved: using [Today] in formula of Calculated column.

I have a check list is listing the domain name of customers who registered the domain with my services. I need to know the remaining of the validation date and send to customer an email. The expiration day is calculated from due date until today.

I created a list with Due Date column with DateTime formated. Another column called remain days belongs to calculated with the formula like this: [Due Date] - [Today]. After click save, I got an error:

That means, I can not use the SP variables, but I can define a custom column with the formula had an existed SP variable such as [Today] and [Me]. And I have another solutions:

1) Create a new column named Today with type of DateTime
2) Modify the Remains column if you had created before. Change the formula to [Due Date] - [Today] with [Today] is a new column.
3) Delete [Today] column.

As a result, the Remains column is calculated from Due Date to today.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to connect to MICROSOFT##SSEE (Windows Internal Database) - SharePoint 2010

In a previous post, I introduced the way how to connect to internal sharepoint database. But the limited is just supported for SharePoint 2010.

In SharePoint 2010, something changed in the structure of Database such as the instance name is SERVER\SHAREPOINT instead of SERVER\SQLEXPRESS or SERVER\OFFICESERVERS,... or something like that.

And it's easy to understand that internal database also gives the way easiest to connect to database, just replace the instance name in connnection string to "SHAREPOINT": \\.\pipe\MSSQL$SHAREPOINT\sql\query

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Installing and Configuring Bamboo Discussion Board Plus for SharePoint

In forum view, there are two parts: Sticky topics and normal topics. Some important topics need to be shown at the top of the Discussion Board. By selecting the topics as sticky they will be displayed at the top under Sticky Topics. Other topics will be shown under the Topics section. All topics are sorted by the Last Posted time. In addition, each of the sticky topics is marked as sticky with a sticky icon () to the left of the title.

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