Sunday, August 15, 2010

A simple way to install a SharePoint Farm server.

A SharePoint Farm includes many SharePoint server join into the server which is hosting the Central Admin. However, the servers which joined into the server also can host the Central Admin. A SharePoint Farm only use one a SQL box and can share the resources, data, security,...

This is a simple way to install a sharepoint farm with a highest security and make your server to be safer.

Before installing the farm, create 2 accounts in domain named sqlaccount and spinstaller
Prepare 3 computers: C1, C2 and C3.

We will install MS SQL on C1, SharePoint server hosts Central Admin on C2 and a child server on C3 to join in C2.

Step 1: Login on C1 by Administrator (Local Admin) and install SQL Server
Step 2: Login on C2 by Administrator (Local Admin) and add the account spinstaller into Local Administrators Group.

Step 3: Login on C2 again by spinstaller to install SharePoint. Remember to select Web Front-End option when you install SharePoint.

Step 4: After the installing progress finish, run the SharePoint configuration wizard, type the SQL Server name, database name and use sqlaccount to config the SharePoint.

Step 5: Login on C3 by spinstaller (also add this account into Local Administrators Group) to install SharePoint and select Web Front-End option.

Step 6: Run the SharePoint configuration wizard on C3. At this time, the wizard will ask you to install the new server or connect to existed server. Click on Connect to Existed server. Type the SQL Server and lick Retrieve database, you will get the SharePoint_Config database (that is already existed on C1), type the account sqlaccount to wizard finish the configuration.

That's all. Good luck.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can not print DIV background & TABLE layout

Sometime, you wonder why could not print the background of DIV and TABLE. Of course, you will take a look at your HTML code, or read the article on MSDN or found something on the internet after google the key of issue.

If you can not print the background or the layout you saw after review the print then please do as a following things:

1) Be sure that DTD is referenced correct. I mean if you are working on Master Page (it's often used the DTD to format the layout). It look likes:

Some DTDs disable or enable some of attributes of DIV tag and TABLE. Sometime you can not get its offsetWidth or its offsetHeight because of using DTD.

2) Ensure that your browser allow to print the background

For IE: go to menu Tool -> Internet Options -> Click on Advanced Tab -> Scroll down and check Print Background
3) Check the code.
If you never use DTD to re-design your layout, you should check the following things:
Please take a look at code:

<div style="float: left; height: 50px; width: 75px;">

^lt;div style="float: left; height: 50px; width: 125px;">
How are you doing?</div>

When you print or print-review, you only see Hello or even nothing is shown on area printable. When you use float:left, print media did not understand that attribute, so the height of DIV will increase and pull down the text, you won't see the data. 

Solutions: just change DIV to SPAN and remove "float:left" or "float:right"

<div style="overflow: hidden;">

your HTML content

When you print or review, the content shows like this:

Even thought you had been formatted the layout as well.
Solutions: just remove the overflow:hidden