Monday, August 29, 2011

Error Posts List when create a blog site from blog site template!

Haizzzzzzz...., I was so happy when I was working on SharePoint, especially is SharePoint 2010. But! Still But and But...SharePoint 2010 seems to be stopped if we could not find out the error and these issues are a WAD or not...nobody knows. And the HOTFIX is the best choice to solve the problem.

This time, I show you guys a simple issue but it was not fixed in June 2011 hotfix.

Step 1) Create a blog site. Design by yours, Customize by yours...Look nice.

Step 2) Save as a template to be used for the second time or another server...

Step 3) Import this template and create a new blog site base on this template.

ahahaha...:D Issue........

Open the newsite, then go to Site Action and View All Site contents. You will see:

And...what's happen then? You can work on new site as normal, but you cannot save the site template from new site, sharepoint will give you an error because many links blog are the same but actually it's the only one.

I am using foundation with the simplest configuration.

Any body helps me? /Thankssssss

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