Monday, October 24, 2011

Share a SharePoint Blog Post/Discussion Board to many Social Networking

Once the discussion board and blog has been published on the internet, the Administrator wish always sharing the interesting thing to everyone through Social Networking such as Facebook, Twitter,... There are many people  know your site if the post was shared to many ways, many sites...

Look at the picture:

Step by step:

1) Regist an account on

2) Login by this account, create an Get a button, then customize the number of networking, size, template,...

3) Get a code.

4) Open file thread.xsl in 14/Hive location LAYOUTS/XSL folder. Point to line at: 650 and paste this code:

<xsl:if test="(@BaseViewID='1' or @BaseViewID='2')">

THE CODE FROM as picture below:

5) Save and reset IIS.

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