Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Could not create site or list by reserved name?

As you know, Windows reserved some words as a device configuration such as CON (CON known as console), PRN (PRN known as printer device)…Thus, we cannot create a folder or file name which the name were registered. I don’t think this issue affected to SharePoint because before SharePoint save anything, it always validates the input data to be sure all texts are correct.

When I show my issue to my colleague, they were for sure that I didn’t configure SharePoint farm correctly or my SharePoint server had have a big problem. I didn’t have any comment or idea for this issue, but I was ensured that there was a problem with SharePoint.

Let’s try with these steps:
  • ·        Create a site or a list with named “CON”, “COM1” or any name which are reserved by windows.
  • ·        No validation and continue saving, but after finish, the page redirected look like:

In general, SharePoint will show the message after validated data input, but in this case, SharePoint didn’t. Anyone knows is it a work as design or SharePoint issue?

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