Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Explain the abbreviation in SharePoint

Regarding to request from my friends having the explanation of abbreviation in SharePoint. This may not totally enough but it might help you know clearly when you read the document.

  • WAD: work as design. You were surprised of strange thing when you do something on SharePoint list or page. You think different and the result must be like your thought. E.g: When you switch from Subject view of discussion list in SharePoint 2013 to Management view, you think that the page will redirect to flat or thread view. But the result was not shown the same as your though. It redirects to itself and you see the item was clicked to be a folder. It calls SharePoint WAD.
  • OOTB: out-of-the-box. This term lets you know what SharePoint support. E.g: In the discussion list of SharePoint 2013, it was integrated the Like and Rating for SP Office Server version. You needn't install any 3rd-party to support the rating and like functioning for this list. This function is called SharePoint OOTB. Almost SharePoint software company produce a product or customize or give a solution are having the idea to support the functioning that SP OOTB does not have.
  • CSOM: client side ojbect model. This abbreviation is related to the program is run on client side. E.g: You want to create a console or windows form to access to SharePoint site and SharePoint server is working as remoting. You can use C# or VB to develop the program and, of course, SharePoint always support the DLL for your reference to the code.
  • JSOM: javascript object model. This model works only in the SharePoint application page or web part, or whatever you need to run in the web page.The objects is built in the SharePoint's JS files in the layouts folder of 15/hive (14/hive). E.g: You build a web part and you need to access the list at the run-time, you could implement something like this:
          var web = SP.ClientContext.get_current().get_web();
  •  REST API: Representational State Transfer API. Think of it simple like coding by javascript, vb or c#. Actually you have to use javascript object to access the SharePoint items. A technical named RESTful will help you understand a deep knowledge base of this term. However, you can image that you can access to all SharePoint objects site by using an address and the method of client context. REST API just only support on SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint online (Office 365). For more information, click  on REST API reference and samples. For SharePoint 2010, you could get and install MashPoint REST by Bamboo Solutions. REST API helps you access the site anywhere, easy to learn, safe in work and fast on time.
         For more information of REST vs CSOM, visit AndrewConnel blog
  • Built-in: This term means you don't need to customize anymore. Just get and build. E.g: You need to build a custom column with a compatibility functioning in the backend, but it's so simple in the new/edit/display form because you only use the controls that SharePoint has been supported. That calls built-in controls.
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Hey guys, please let me know more abbreviation!

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