Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nobody gets me!

Hi there, I will be died if I could not resolve a bug. I asked many people who are working as networking prefessional but the answer is always "Po tai". That's really matter!

1. I have my own windows service which must be run follow domain account. I created an account on my domain and joined my computer into that domain. I used that account to login to the system. Then installed my service and set it up following domain account let it's able to access the networking resources. Here, everything works fine. My service is running smoothly by manually.

But I did not want to run by manually, thereby I've changed to automatically method.

2. Then, I restart my server (my computer). I actually did not logon. The popup windows ask me to login on still on there but I got an error like: "Windows can not determine the user or the computer name. (Access is denied.). Group policy processing aborted." Some details in Event Viewer tell me that the number of error is 1053 by Userevt source.

I send this error to my friend who are working as Networking Manager but nobody got me and I still was not convinced.

Who can help me? The promotion for whom can solve this problem is my big hug and kiss. Ha ha ha...

Comment me! Hurry up!

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