Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bamboo System Log Manager 1.2

And finally, the Bamboo System Log Manager 1.2 has been released. I had to spend a long time on this project and after many times the logic changes, my team overcome a project difficulty. What is the news and enhancements on 1.2?

1) User can view the log of any front-end remotely by using the Bamboo System Log Manager Desktop Application. We've used the REST technology to get the data over the internet and improve the speed of response very fast. From the server, all the data will be cached on front-end which hosted the Central Administration.

(REST technology can get the data through http/https and firewall-on.)

Before we the desktop application, we have to config for Bamboo Log Manager Timer Job to craw the data and store into the cache file. Of course, that makes the delay as directly. That is the limitation.

2) For the Web UI, we had supported 2 functions to connect to log source directly.
- If we use the Web UI before saving the setting for Bamboo Timer Job,  Web UI will access to all logs by Application Pool account. If AP account does not belogs to Local Admin, Web UI will response the error like "Access denied" on IIS and Security log.
- After user save the setting page, Web UI will connect to IIS and security log by access account. This account have enough the rights to access all resources on all front-ends.

To download the trial, click here

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