Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to Disable Large List Resource Throttling in SharePoint 2010

Users of a site may require access to all the items in a list, even if that list’s views contain more items than have been allotted for the web application in Central Administration. The Resource Throttling options available allow administrators to set a block of time each day during which large list resource throttling does not occur. 

During this time, any user will be able to access the list and any views on that list without the list being throttled by the server. It is possible that during this time the server may take a performance hit while rendering huge amounts of data or if multiple users are accessing a large list simultaneously. Therefore, it is advisable to set the time window during off-peak hours, or when traffic to the server is at a minimum.

Setting the time block during which list throttling will not occur is done in Central Administration in the Resource Throttling options for each web application. The steps below outline the process for setting the daily time window:

  1. From the Central Administration homepage, click Application Management.
  2. Click Manage Web Applications.
  3. Select a Web application from the list.
  4. In the Ribbon, click the dropdown under General Settings.
  5. Click Resource Throttling.
  6. In the Daily Time Window for Large Queries section, check the box to enable the time window.
  7. Choose the hour that the time window should start, and select the number of hours it will remain open.

It is important to keep in mind the performance impact this could have on the servers, so set the time window accordingly. 

Another option available for some users (generally developers) who have certain privileges is to use the object model override to access the items in the list. This can be accomplished using Windows PowerShell or Visual Studio and allows users with proper rights access to a larger subset of items at a time, even if resource throttling is enabled. However, even with the object model override, users will still be restricted to the limit set for administrators and auditors. 

You should note the following when using the list throttling capabilities of SharePoint Server 2010:
The local server Administrator account is not affected by the list throttling settings. Therefore, the server Administrator has full, unrestricted access to the list. 

The Daily Time Window is not necessarily a hard cut-off time for access to the list. For example, if a user is accessing a large view of the list that is taking a long time to render, the list will finish loading even if the end of the Daily Time Window has been reached. Then, the list will be throttled once again.

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