Thursday, November 24, 2011

Series solutions on document management for officer - Part 1

SharePoint is a portal with the strength functionalities for collaboration and content management. There are a lot of new features to improve the activities of user and support the useful tools for almost kind of user who are using SharePoint 2010. That's perfect! However, Microsoft is always only build a framework and background technology for all their product and their partners will build a product as component or build a solutions to help IT Pros or IT Manager build up a service for their business. So, there are many companies only support the solutions or consult the customer by SharePoint administration expert. I've also consulted for some companies and build the solutions for a part of or whole their departments. The best things I have after finish every contract is how to fullfill the requirment while SharePoint features are not enough to reach all situations.

Luckyly, I am a developer. This is the only one advantage and I have to think about it. if I have a budget I just only buy some widgets or components from 3rd party and select the best product to match the requirements. I think this is not difficult but the most imprtant thing is how to mantain the product id there is many many products from another company and developer like me can not handle! In this series, I will show all you guys see some my opinions to solve a little taks but it's actually useful for IT managers, especially end-users.

This is a first topic to talk about requires' Officer, that is how to move a lot of document to another site. The limitation for free here are:

- Not support move multiple items, that mean these documents (files) still are in original list. They are not deleted after copy to new location.
- Not support overwrite method. If this feature is enable, the file is copied to the destination list will not overwrite instead of adding subfix "-(copy)"
- Not support copy the folders, it's avaible upon request.
- Not support cross-site, that means moving these files to another server farm.
- Not support sending to multiple sites

Here are the list of features in free version:
- Copy multilple items to onother location.
- All file types are supported.
- Support for both Foundation and Office Server
- Not need to install or activate Document Set feature.

Note: at the destination URL, please enter the short path, not including SitePage/Default.aspx or default.aspx

Trial version is available here. Download here. Hope this help.

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