Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Series solutions on document management for officer - Part 2

In the previous post, I just reserved a piece of package of document management for officer. In the daily tasks, I think it's very useful if there is any robot functioning to perform our tasks. It's like a command in SQL and executes many times, sometime it makes us feel uncomfortable or tired with a boring jobs. That's why I think it's really useful for office, especially some people work in Acc Dept and HR Dept.

In this topic, I introduce a new feature in a series of small tool for officer. That's download a multiple files from document library or picture library.

SharePoint OOTB has supported already a feature named Download a copy in Copies category of Ribbon. However, to get a copy of file, user can perform by right-click on the file name and select Save file as from context menu of Internet Explorer. Of course with SharePoint, user has a lot of methods to download a copy of file, but the question is how to get many files and folder into a package? There is only way to do that is to go through every item and download, then using compressed function has supported by windows to zip all in one.

There are some limitation of free version:
- Not supported compressing all sub-folders.
- Not supported other zip type, just using "zip".

There are features of this tool:
- Allow compressing files and folders in the same level.
- Supported for SharePoint Foundation and Office Server.

It's available to download here.
(... to be continued )

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