Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Synchronous between 2 site collections to make a backup data

There was many ways to create a backup for your site collection from content-database. For the others purpose, you will find out the best solutions for you situation, and in this sort topic, I will show you how to create a backup content of site collection in disaster case or crashing data.

Content Deployment Path is a part of tool using in SharePoint Server 2010 to sync data from source site collection to destination collection. Source and destination site don't need to be in the same farm server, they may work on other farm but between 2 farms must have a connection. That means you have to have an account can access to destination site collection.

There are a lot of jobs created and sometime it make your system to be slow down or not responding, however it actually only happens for the very first time running.

One more thing need to be warned, that is, if you are performing on crossing server farm, you should take a time to manage security between the farms because SharePoint requires transfering data by secure socket network, if so, you must go to the Central Administration to reconfig Content Deployment Settings to do:
- Enable listening between the sever farms by setting Accept incoming content deployment jobs
- Select Do not require encryption option if you didn't work on SSL administration

After create an Content Deployment Path, you will see the item in the list, and create a job to perform action.

Conclusion: you can monitor the deployment jobs in Central Administration section, and manage all jobs in the setting page. Note: please don't set the schedule too short to avoid the conflict data between 2 jobs in the same path.

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